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Our Cegep

An Original Concept

In Québec, the public education system includes an original type of institution, i.e. CÉGEP. Open to both the young and adults, CÉGEP is the first level of higher education, just before university.

There are over 155,000 students attending the 48 CÉGEPS throughout the province of Québec. In order to increase accessibility, several colleges are providing services on decentralized campuses.

CÉGEPs offer two-year pre-university programs and three-year technical programs. The latter mostly lead to the labour market, more specifically to high-level technical and technological jobs. More than half the students attending CÉGEP are enrolled in a technical program. CÉGEPs also offer many adult education and customized training programs. CÉGEPs are also at the forefront of the industry sector with their technology transfer centres, and there are five industry-oriented schools at the national level.

Cégep regional de Lanaudière

The Cégep régional de Lanaudière is a higher education institution founded in 1998. It has 1,000 employees: teachers, technicians and professionals. It includes three colleges located in Joliette, L’Assomption and Terrebonne, which provide college-level, pre-university or technical training to 6,000 students a year. Its educational services are tightly integrated with the other educational levels and the labour market.

The Cégep régional de Lanaudière serves as a partner in the community and also contributes to the economic, social, cultural and community development of its region. The Lanaudière region is characterized by its agricultural, industrial and service-oriented activities.

The Cégep régional de Lanaudière also offers college-level training programs to adults and businesses to meet continuing education requirements. In addition, the continuing education department enables adults and young people to complete their pre-university and technical training.

The Cégep régional de Lanaudière also offers training programs at the international level. The international development department aims to contribute to the internationalization of the institution and provide management for international cooperation programs and projects. It supports various institutions in several countries and helps strengthen their capabilities and develop their human resources.