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Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise

Strengthening of Institutional Capabilities in Technical and Vocational Training

  • Creation, review and implementation of regular and tailor-made programs using the competency-based approach
  • In-house training
  • Continuing education
  • Institutional assessment
  • Needs analysis
  • Analysis of work situation and identification of skills to be acquired
  • Pedagogical management of training programs
  • Evaluation and purchase of materials

Training Trainers and Managers

  • Developing programs using the competency-based approach
  • Mobilizing personnel around educational projects
  • Introducing new pedagogical strategies
  • Upgrading knowledge
  • Training in school administration: management of institutions, programs and internships
  • Pedagogical, political and administrative leadership in an educational institution and the community

Developing Educational Materials

  • Creation of training materials: fact sheets, course materials, practical handbook, video and CD production

Transfer of Technologies

The transfer of technologies is a major contributor to the training of trainers, as well as to the development of programs and training material.

  • Updating training contents
  • Technical support
  • Technological training suited to the context of intervention
  • Transfer and implementation of new work methods and new technologies
  • Internships in our colleges